Memcache Plus

Memcache Plus - Better memcache for node

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What makes it "Plus"?

  • Native support for Promises or Callbacks
  • Elasticache auto discovery baked in
  • Actively developed and used
  • Focus on cleanliness and simplicity
  • Command buffering - start issuing commands right away, memcache-plus will automatically wait until connected then flush that buffer
  • Ability to disable with just a flag on init - sounds trivial, but nice to test with memcache off without altering any of your code
  • Compression built in on a per item basis
  • Cached retrieve (coming soon!) - simply pass a function for retrieving a value and a key and memcache-plus will do the whole "check key, if it exists return it, if not run the function to retrieve it, set the value, and return it" for you
  • Support for binaries (coming soon!) which the other memcache libraries for Node don't support